“Backstage Pass LIVE” Review from Bluestown Music

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“A great atmospheric live album from the class band Judy Sings The Blues!”

(translated from original Dutch)

Judy Sings The Blues ! And who is Judy then? We are dealing here with a band from the Mid-Atlantic region, around singer Judy Mangini . A singer with a very powerful and soulful voice and assisted by an excellent band, consisting of Lin Doughten (guitar), Jan Zukowski (bass), Ray Lombardo (drums) and Brian Cunningham (saxophone).

And it is especially Brian Cunningham’s soulful sax and Lin Doughten’s guitar that stand out in addition to Judy’s excellent vocals.

Their third album was recorded live in front of a wildly enthusiastic audience in the Mid-South Studio and the album opens with the languidly abrasive blues of Help Me in which Judy convincingly showcases her vocal talents for the first time. The soulfully driving saxophone and the viciously biting guitar help her with this.

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